Xerox DayBreak

From: Rodrigo Ventura <>
Date: Fri Jun 30 13:39:34 2000

        Hi. I have a Xerox DayBreak workstation lying on a corner back
home and I'd really much liked to do something with it. I have already
posted emails to this list about this subject, but since so much time
passed since then I resolved to re-post to see I get something
new. The issues I'd like to solve are:

        1. decent interface of the display output to some monitor -- I
worked on a small circuit to convert the ECL levels and separate syncs
into a composite video output, for a mono monitor, using discrete
components, but the image was sort of fuzzy. Are there any ideas on
doing these the right way (if any)?

        2. interfacing the keyboard/mouse connector to a PC's serial
port -- I managed to build a decent interface for this (using a
MAX232), but now the problem is protocol: anyone knows the protocol
for sending key presses/releases signals? I believe they have
something from 1 to 3 bytes.

        I have a set of PDF of scanned Xerox manuals (TechRef and IOP)
including some schematics (awesome work! congrats for the one who
scanned them and put them on the web!). But they don't specify the
keyboard protocol. On the other hand, I also got PDF's of the MESA
manuals, but they describe teh keyboard interface at the API level (no
luck there either).

        Any help on these issues is very welcome!


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