History of Computing exam question

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From: Geoff Roberts <geoffrob_at_stmarks.pp.catholic.edu.au>
>were electromechanical. Bletchley Park were well into much Enigma
>(except for the Reichsmarine, who were much more careful in their useage
>habits) long before 1943.

The enigma used by the Reichsmarine was different and had an additional
code wheel as well.

>> 13) 1968/9
>> The Apollo guidance computer - Helped get man to the moon.
>Are we talking about the ones on the ground or the ones in the
>If the spacecraft, was the one in the LEM the same machine? Anyone got
>info on it? Any examples survive?

The ground, CM and LM all had computers none the same. LM and CM copies
still exist as part of the ground simulators and ground test vehicles.

I'd love to see more detail on the CM or LM systems.

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