History of Computing exam question

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>> 4) 1940 ?
>> Enigma - Electromechanical state machine. Colossus wouldn't have
>> been built without it.

> Hmmm, possibly true, though not for the reason you state. The success
> against Enigma using 'cracking' machines led to the idea of building
> Colussus to crack the "Fish" machines.

I'd forgotten about the "fish" cyphers "Tunny" and "Salmon". Thanks for the
reminder. Your're right about the Bombes. The Poles were way ahead of
anyone else and didn't get very much recognition for their work.

>> 13) 1968/9
>> The Apollo guidance computer - Helped get man to the moon.

> Are we talking about the ones on the ground or the ones in the spacecraft?
> If the spacecraft, was the one in the LEM the same machine? Anyone got any
> info on it? Any examples survive?

I meant the ones in the spacecraft. They were major landmarks in terms
of reliability both in terms of hardware and software. They were all digital
whereas most guidance computers from that era were analogue. As for
info on these machines, I just did a search, and google threw up 1800
matches ! Try the NASA website

I don't expect one will ever appear on ebay but there must be a few left
in various museums.

Chris Leyson
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