AW: Atari 4160STE ?!

From: Walgenbach, Stefan <>
Date: Sun Dec 2 07:01:43 2001


>>I just got an Atari 4160STE (case only) - does anyone know
>>details about the history of this machine? Some sources say
>>that it was a developer version of the Atari 1040STE ...
>I believe some makers of memory upgrades made replacement model stickers
> to match the upgrade. The STE uses SIMMs, though, but it could have been
> made by some dealer in any case.

That might be true - the lower case has a 1040STE label - first I thought it
would not be the matching part but it defintely is.

>>Atari 520+ ST
> What's that?

an early version of the Atari 520ST factory upgraded to 1MB. It has a second
512kB RAM-Chip solderd on top of the regular RAM - very strange. That was my
first Atari ST - it has an original Atari ST label with a small blue "+" ...

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