AW: Atari 4160STE ?!

From: Walgenbach, Stefan <>
Date: Sun Dec 2 07:54:05 2001

Hi Curt,

> While I don't have every single ST component listed, the ST section under
> Atari Computers on my website should be of help to you:

Of course I checked your web-site first for infos about the 4160STe :)
Perhaps some day you have the time to make a complete list of all Atari
Computer Systems - I think there are quite a few unkown systems like the
Atari ST520+, CLab Falcon MK I, II and X - there also was an Atari 520 STE -
very strange ...

> The 4160STe was going to be a 4mb Europe release of the ST but was
> cut from production at the last minute, a few samples are floating
> about,

perhaps my machine is one of those. It has a 4160 label - although I am not
completly sure if it is an original factory installed label or if it has
been added later due to a memory upgrade. On the bottom site the label reads
"1040STE" and has a large black sticker "4MB". The Serial Number is X2
040551 - never seen anything like "X2" on an Atari ST machine usualy the
serial numbers start with "A1" ...

if anyone is interested I have put some pictures on:

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