TK50-GA external SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Mon Dec 3 04:54:58 2001

If the TK50 is terminated and the SCSI IDs are correct (tape drives
historically were ID5) and it's not seen at the console then something's
broken :) There should be a DIL switch on the back of the unit to set the ID
if I'm remembering right, and if you've got a stock MV3100 the internal
disks will probably be ID3 (system disk) and ID0 or 1 (data).
What SCSI cable are you using?
To check that the drive itself is OK you can always take it out of its
expansion box, whip the cover off the VAX and connect directly to the
internal bus next to the 2 disks.


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> Subject: TK50-GA external SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop
> Hello. I have one problem I'd like somebody could
> help me to solve. I have one TK50-GA external
> SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop.
> The Microvax can't detect the TK50. This tape unit
> works perfectly. I have the cover of it retired, and
> I have located the ribbon that aid to select the
> SCSI address of the unit. The Microvax
> haven't attached any other external unit, and
> internally have two disks.
> How can I know if the unit is attached ?
> The SHOW DEVICES in the boot ROM don't says
> nothing.
> Greetings
> Sergio
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