TK50-GA external SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop

From: Allison <>
Date: Mon Dec 3 07:22:14 2001

The problem may be that it's not a SCSI TK50 but the SASI
interfaced TK50 for the MV2000. The difference is the firmware on
the SCSI/SASI interface card.

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Date: Monday, December 03, 2001 3:10 AM
Subject: Re: TK50-GA external SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop

>Some more datapoints, please:
>- Do you have a TK50 or a TK50Z (I think the "Z" is the indication that
>it is indeed the real SCSI variant)? Does it have an SCSI-ID-switch on
>the back?
>- What model is your '3100? Just plain "MicroVAX3100", or is there some
>M-Number (like "M40")?
>- What *does* "SHOW DEV" say?
>- Do you have one or two SCSI-Busses? Or, maybe easier to answer: Does
>the machine have a floppy drive installed?
>- Does one (or both) of the internal disks "disappear" whenever you plug
>in the TK50?
>Anyway, usually problems with SCSI-Devices are due to either termination
>problems, bad cables or conflicting SCSI-ID's.
>On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 22:15, SP wrote:
>> Hello. I have one problem I'd like somebody could
>> help me to solve. I have one TK50-GA external
>> SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop.
>> The Microvax can't detect the TK50. This tape unit
>> works perfectly. I have the cover of it retired, and
>> I have located the ribbon that aid to select the
>> SCSI address of the unit. The Microvax
>> haven't attached any other external unit, and
>> internally have two disks.
>> How can I know if the unit is attached ?
>> The SHOW DEVICES in the boot ROM don't says
>> nothing.
>> Greetings
>> Sergio
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