TK50-GA external SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop

From: SP <>
Date: Mon Dec 3 08:57:31 2001

>> The machine has two scsi buses or ar least two SCSI connectors back,
>> one large and another of lightly minor size.
>I cannot think of *any* MicroVAX or VAXstation that
>has two SCSI connectors of *different* sizes.

It has two connectors of Centronics type. One is a
large Centronics type connector, over the three
MMJ connectors.

The other one is, seeing the CPU in its back, at
the LEFT, covered by one semiespheric cover.
This is a "short" Centronics connector.

I have the TK50 connected actually to the large
Centronics connector because is the same than
the manufactured with the TK50. But this don't work,
at least by now. I have no cable to connect the
TK50Z-GA to the short Centronics connector.

The central unit only put "Microvax 3100" in the front.
Is a desktop, not a tower.

Thanks and Greetings

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