Martha Stewart (A badtrans Virus ????)

From: Sipke de Wal <>
Date: Mon Dec 3 13:07:50 2001

I was NOT really sure about this email............

Is it a w32_at_badtrans.b/mm wormvirus
or a genuine mail with attached emails?????

1) There was nothing in the body of the mail itself
2) I've had a few mails containing almost the same kinda
attachments the last week that did contain the offending
3) Looking into the source made me feel secure! OK!

------- Kind Request ----------------------------------
So please, if anybody on the list is sending mail with an
attachment, mention it and it's purpose in the bodytext

I've had to remove "the bastard" from a computer of a friend
and it took me a couple of hours to clean things up.
(Windooooz ME !_at_&^^###Archg!!!!)


Sipke de Wal

"So, You are paranoid?...... Well, uhhhh are you paranoid enough!"
Ps: You'll find a "FixBtrans.exe" removal-tool in the antivirus section
of my site (symantec version). In case anybody needs it.

(Original attachments removed!)
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