Shugart hard disk info

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Dec 4 12:59:17 2001

        This is being asked out of curiosity, since I happened to
think about it today. About 13 years ago, a large hard disk was
pulled out of a piece of medical equipment and made it's way across
my desk. The drive was made by Shugart and I believe it had a SASI
interface. It was easily as big as a dual-8" floppy enclosure, maybe
14" in diameter and had it's own PSU. The case over the platters was
clear plastic. One of the guys I worked with pulled the PSU parts
out of it and unfortunately I didn't think to keep the rest of it
from being junked, mainly due to it's size. Any ideas as to what
this might have been? It certainly wasn't near new at the time of
it's removal. At the time, we were still running a CP/M system for
our tracking database and we backed up it's hard disk once a week on
it's 8" floppy drive, which was integrated in the system and standing
on it's side.

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