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Kinda sounds like a Quantum Q2020. I had one with a sasi board mounted on
it back in 93'. Has a smoked plastic mech cover and a whole bunch of
warning stickers indicating it can remove digits if you dink with it while
open? I used a CSS Black Box for an interface. Sasi drives (and most scsi
bridge controllers) require specific formatting code. Also, iirc, sasi
devices required a dos-level bad sector map of the drive. In other words,
the dos you use scans the drive and creates a file occupying all the bad
sectors detected. The hardware didn't do that as with most (all?) scsi
drives/bridge controllers.

As I recall, the q2020 has the same geometry as the Seagate st225

The q2020 is an 8" 20mb unformatted drive which yields 16mb (more or less)
when formatted and has a 40ms average seek time.

Mine had an aluminum cased ps bolted to it and the drive stood on it's



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> This is being asked out of curiosity, since I happened to
>think about it today. About 13 years ago, a large hard disk was pulled
>out of a piece of medical equipment and made it's way across my desk.
>The drive was made by Shugart and I believe it had a SASI interface. It
>was easily as big as a dual-8" floppy enclosure, maybe 14" in diameter
>and had it's own PSU. The case over the platters was clear plastic.
>One of the guys I worked with pulled the PSU parts out of it and
>unfortunately I didn't think to keep the rest of it from being junked,
>mainly due to it's size. Any ideas as to what this might have been? It
>certainly wasn't near new at the time of it's removal. At the time, we
>were still running a CP/M system for our tracking database and we backed
>up it's hard disk once a week on it's 8" floppy drive, which was
>integrated in the system and standing on it's side.

> Jeff

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