Anyone parting with a Wyse 60

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Dec 4 14:53:19 2001

Does anyone have a Wyse 60 they want to part with on the cheap? (working
only please... I have a dead one thanks)

I tried buying one on ebay a few times, and each time, either they were
in horrible condition, or went above my price threshold, or I got
"ebayed" at the last second by someone outbidding me.

I would prefer one in the NJ area that I can drive and pick up as cost is
my #1 issue, but if total cost (buy + shipping) isn't too bad, I will
accept shipped ones.

I might have stuff to trade, but most everything I have that is available
to be parted with is PC related, which A: isn't as popular here, and B:
isn't as hard to get as other systems. I do have a C64 or two (don't know
functional condition), maybe some other stuff (like these Zebra 2500
manuals I keep tripping on) If you have something in mind, let me know, I
will see if I have it.



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