Sun Optical mouse pad anyone?

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Date: Fri Dec 7 23:01:17 2001

I ran into this problem a couple of years ago and solved it by buying a PC
optical version of a sun mouse, trashing the mouse and mating the pad with
my Sun.....

In the meantime, someone on the list suggested crinkled aluminum foil over
a book or other pad-like thingy. It worked. Not wonderfully, but it



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   at 05:47 PM, Dave McGuire <> said:

>On December 1, wrote:
>> > Type 3 definitely requires a different pad from type 4...
>> Then you have other type 3 rodents than I. Mine are identical to the
>> type 4 mice, only with an other connector.

> It's certainly possible that I'm thinking of the Type 2...this was a
>long time ago and I was running a couple of Sun2-120 boxes at the time.

> -Dave

Jeffrey S. Worley
Asheville, NC USA
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