Need "PC Mouse" driver for PCjr ..

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Date: Fri Dec 7 22:56:52 2001

I've been using a Logitech Wheel Mouse (optical) for more than a year now
on my OS/2-based pc.

My Sparc has an old-style optical mouse (requires special HARD TO FIND

The new optical mice rock hard core man. I can't believe it, but now
there is a mouse that will track on your ASS. I play CounterStrike quite
a bit and wouldn't trade my optical Logitech for anything less than the
cost of a new one.

This optical mouse is so accurate it immediatly improved my scores in the
game. It tracks on any surface at all (I haven't tried a mirror).

BTW, I don't bother with a pad anymore. Too confining.

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>Chris ( spake:

> >>The mouse looks to be a slightly
> >>modified version of the "PC Mouse". The neat thing is that it is an
> >>optical mouse. [:-)]

> >I had an optical mouse way back when with my Mac Plus... I bought it
>as >a replacement for a broken mouse. I think it was made by A+

> >At the time, I hated it, you needed a special mouse pad for it to work,
> >and it wasn't as accurate as the Mac Plus mouse, which made it even
> >harder to draw.

> >Just one of those things that I found interesting now that optical mice
> >are all the rage.

>Actually, I don't like the old style optical mice at all. I like this
>one because I think the older optical mice are hard to find. And on top
>of it, this was manufactured for use on the Jr - it wasn't just a
>run-of-the-mill PC mouse, it had two funny connectors specific to the Jr.
>(One for serial, and one to take power off the lightpen port.) All of
>that makes it special.

>My original machine had an MS bus mouse with a roller. Quite a different
>animal to use.

>The new optical mice are only vaguely related to the old ones. They don't
>need the pad or anything. I haven't used one, so I don't know if they
>are any more usable.

Jeffrey S. Worley
Asheville, NC USA
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