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From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Sun Dec 9 15:24:37 2001

>> There was an optional second processor board that you could install
>> and it became a true dual processor machine. You could switch
>> between the two processors with a hot key. Both processors could be
>> independently compiling, editing, debugging, etc.
> Oh now THAT is cool. :-)
> Anybody know of any other systems to implement this sort of of

The same concept is used for the Mac's and their PC cards. The Intel chip
is placed on a card, and it runs independant of the mac (but shares some
features like drive controller, stuff like that). You swap between them
with a hot key, and you can have things running on each (ie: start
something heavy on the Mac, swap to windows/dos/whatever OS you are
running, it is a true Intel compatible setup, and run things there.) Swap
between as much as you want, each will continue to run, being blissfully
unaware the other is there. Connection between the two is nice, you can
have shared folders between them. The Mac will view it as a folder, the
PC will view it as an additionally available drive. And you can cut and
paste between the two.

Very nice setup, too bad Apple abondoned them, and stopped upgrading the
driver software, so they don't work too well past System 7.6.1 (they will
work under OS 8 and 9, but some problems can arise)


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