PDP 11/34 Console & cards

From: Frederic Charpentier <fcharp_at_rogers.com>
Date: Sun Dec 9 13:10:27 2001


I have sitting on my shelf a PDP 11/34 working unit rescued from the recyclers. The system was operational when decomissioned. Caveat: no power supply. So the pieces or the whole are up for grabs, shipping costs only. I thought they may be of interest to the right people, since most of the boards were original DEC. I also have a CD-ROM full of DEC maintenance and service documents for the PDP series. Any interest in that, ask for details. Be aware that I live in Ottawa, Canada.

Here is the list of cards found in there. I am not sure it is complete, because I may have listed only the ones I could actually recognize.






M7762 RL11 U RX01 floppy disk controller

M7856 DL11-W U SLU and realtime clock

M7859 U 11/34 programmable console interface

M8256 RX211 U RX02 floppy disk controller

M8265 KD11-EA U 11/34A processor data paths

M8266 KD11-EA U 11/34A processor microcode module

M8267 FP11-A U 11/34A floating point processor

M9202 U UNIBUS connector, inverted

(M9192+M9292 assembled M9202 1" apart with 2' cable)

M9312 U Bootstrap and terminator module


Dataram Corp U 256K DRAM board

The system was obviously well cared for and was not even dusty. The console board is the one that includes an Intel 8008 processor. The system case and front-end are impeccable.

I don't collect PDP equipment, but I hate to see a nice system go to the junkyard. At the same time, I need to make room for other masterpieces in peril.


Frederic Charpentier

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