Apple Floppy Drives (was: More Apple Pimpers)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Dec 9 19:03:48 2001

>This reminds me of a question I never got answered, since I'm poor with
>6809 stuff. Has OS-9 been ported to a 6502-based architecture? I wouldn't
>expect binary compatibility, of course, but since you always hear OS-9
>in connection with CoCos and such, you'd think the CoCo had a monopoly on it.

        The OS-9 FAQ lists it as supporting the following processors:

        6809, 68xxx, PPC, X86, Intel SARM / IXP, MIPS, SPARC, Hitachi SH

        Specific machines which ran OS-9/6809 include:

        CoCo, SWTPc SCB-69, Gimix 6809, SSB Chieftain 6809, FHL TC-9,
the FEBE, and a host of others, most of which are SS-50 bus machines.

        From the sound of the FAQ, it would appear that the SS-50 bus
machines were the platform of choice for OS-9/6809.

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