Fw: PDP 11/34 Console & cards

From: Frederic Charpentier <fcharp_at_rogers.com>
Date: Sun Dec 9 20:36:59 2001


With regards to the DEC CDs, I will extract the titles of the manuals (about 200, I think) and post them. There are too many service bulletins and the titles are all numbered, so I won't have the time for that. For those who requested the CD's, I will let you know when they are ready -- some time this week. I am not sure that mounting images of the CDs on ftp is a good idea (I don't know what the copyright issues are there), but I don't mind making copies for those who want them.

...oh -- and yes, I will let you know about the stuff that I would like to get pretty soon... :-)


Frederic Charpentier

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