DEC Support & Service CDs (was PDP 11/34 Console & cards)

From: Frederic Charpentier <>
Date: Sun Dec 9 21:38:37 2001

Okay, so I dug a tad deeper into the DEC service CD-ROMs and found a lot there.
In terms of manuals, the 2 CDs include no less than... 852 (!) PDF-encoded manuals -- yes, that's 525 on one CD and the balance on the other. Remember the VAX technical library room? Ours was covered with orange manuals wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling.. Well I have the feeling that these 2 disks contain all of those and then some. The manuals cover everything from operator's manuals to CPU programmers reference, diagrams, bulletins. DECserver, Alpha desktops, storage units. And that's just for manuals. The disks also contain software libraries that include bios, drivers, etc...
The index files alone take a fair bit of room. I thought for a minute that I could post them here, but I gave up as soon as I saw the size of them.

So.... If you are interested in the index files, email me. I will have a run of disks made. NOT FOR SALE, only giveaways. I'll seed 5 or 10 of those who want it, and they can take it from there and pay forward by obliging other people.

Cheers and all that sort of things,

Frederic Charpentier

P.S.: now, if only this kind of documentation archive existed for S-100 systems... Almost makes you want to take up VAX systems. Then again, I'd probably need to somewhat upgrade my home electrical switchbox. Or I could move next to a nuclear power plant...
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