DEC Support & Service CDs (was PDP 11/34 Console & cards)

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 10:56:27 2001

> Okay, so I dug a tad deeper into the DEC service CD-ROMs and found a lot =
> there.
> In terms of manuals, the 2 CDs include no less than... 852 (!) =
> PDF-encoded manuals -- yes, that's 525 on one CD and the balance on the =
> other. Remember the VAX technical library room? Ours was covered with =
> orange manuals wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling.. Well I have the feeling =
> that these 2 disks contain all of those and then some. The manuals cover =
> everything from operator's manuals to CPU programmers reference, =
> diagrams, bulletins. DECserver, Alpha desktops, storage units. And =
> that's just for manuals. The disks also contain software libraries that =
> include bios, drivers, etc...
> The index files alone take a fair bit of room. I thought for a minute =
> that I could post them here, but I gave up as soon as I saw the size of =
> them.
> So.... If you are interested in the index files, email me. I will have a =
> run of disks made. NOT FOR SALE, only giveaways. I'll seed 5 or 10 of =
> those who want it, and they can take it from there and pay forward by =
> obliging other people.

I'd love a set of the CDs, and I am willing to make copies to pass on
as well.
Eric Dittman
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