Model 33 Teletypes acquired

From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 09:43:30 2001

Yesterday morning, I drove up into the mountains of
West Virginia and got an ASR-33 and a KSR-33 with a
few spare parts and a five inch stack of docs. I
haven't had the time to do anything with them yet,
probably won't get to play much until Christmas week.

Anyway, the metal on both machines seems to be in
good shape, but the plastic leaves something to be
desired. The ASR is mostly just dirty, but there
is a crack at the left rear screw position. The
KSR is cleaner as it was used less, but it was
stored improperly in a box and dropped or something
and the plastic upper case (the gray case, not the
white/yellow cover over the carriage) is broken into
several pieces. So does anybody have recommendations
as to glue or other solutions? Is someone sitting on
a big stock of spare upper shells?

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