CPT 9000

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Mon Dec 10 10:27:55 2001

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> Are you sure that it is not a CPT 8000? That one I am a bit familiar
> with and find ample references by a google search. On 9000, I draw a
> blank.

Well, it says 9000 on the front, I believe. :)

> If it is truly 9000, what floppy disk size does it use?

It was shipped, I think, with both 3.5 and 5.25" high-density floppy drives.
I just found another 3.5" floppy that works in it on Saturday night.

I got no manuals, no software (other than what was extremely messed up and
left on the drive), and a disassembled machine.

The machine is now in more-or-less good shape. I need to pick the tumbler
keyboard lock. For now I've just disconnected it. (Or find a key that
works) I should also replace the power adaptor I've got plugged into the
floppy drive, since it's also got a signal cable adaptor that's not being
used. :)

As I was saying, the installation was pretty botched by the time I got it.
It boots -- thinks it runs MS-DOS 3.2 -- and that's really about it. I
believe the CPU was intel 286. It has a "Tall Tree Systems" JRAM card and
JLaser 3 (I think) daughterboard. a 20MB MFM (or RLL?) 3.5" half-height
hard disk. (Miniscribe, I believe)

It also has (...and this is the reason I rescued it, even though it is an
intel machine) a really odd graphics adaptor with a 15-pin (two row
D-shaped) connector that drives a full-page monochrome (white) EGA monitor.

That's pretty much all I know about it.



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