Moving heavy equipment

From: John Foust <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 12:01:05 2001

Back in September I wrote:
>I've got a lead on a full and working electron microscope.
>It's on-topic because it's old and has some sort of
>computerized digitizing unit. :-)
>I've lined up a big Diesel stake (flat-bed) truck.
>It'll be about a 2-3 hour drive. We've got straps,
>boards, tarps. I'm most concerned about getting it
>*off* the truck and into my office or home basement.
>Any other thoughts from the group?

An update: it's in my garage now. The x-ray spectrometer
is a 11/23-based system running custom apps over RT-11.
The SEM has an 8085-based system for automating various
aspects of the electron microscope column. It's an
AMRAY 1610T, circa 1983:

Even at 1,200 pounds, the column rolled easily on a
pallet jack, off the loading dock ramp and onto the
truck. To get it all off the truck, the farmer next-door
helped with his power-tilt front-loader bucket.

The next trick will be to levitate it down the stairs
and into the basement.

If I can get it all back together again and happy,
it'll magnify down to about 50,000 x.

- John
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