Moving heavy equipment

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 13:00:18 2001

> An update: it's in my garage now. The x-ray spectrometer
> is a 11/23-based system running custom apps over RT-11.
> The SEM has an 8085-based system for automating various
> aspects of the electron microscope column. It's an
> AMRAY 1610T, circa 1983:
> Even at 1,200 pounds, the column rolled easily on a
> pallet jack, off the loading dock ramp and onto the
> truck. To get it all off the truck, the farmer next-door
> helped with his power-tilt front-loader bucket.
> The next trick will be to levitate it down the stairs
> and into the basement.
> If I can get it all back together again and happy,
> it'll magnify down to about 50,000 x.

The Failure Analysis lab where I used to work had a couple of
SEMs, and they always mounted them on a large granite slab
isolated from the rest of the building (they'd cut down through
the foundation and place the block in the hole, with rubber seals
to prevent thing from falling between the foundation and the slab.
Eric Dittman
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