Apple Floppy Drives (was: More Apple Pimpers)

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 06:50:57 2001


Ben Franchuk said:

> Ethan Dicks wrote:
> >
> > True, but back in those days, that wasn't a fatal limitation. Besides,
> > the 8-bitters didn't really have a OS, more of a structured program
> > loader. If all you need to do is read in executables and read/write
> > data files, you don't need a full OS.
> In retospect I would say people expected BASIC to run rom. I/O
> was a feature only used to save your programs, maybe even data.
> The Apple,TRS-80?,Pets,C64's,Coco's,IBM-PC all come to mind.
> CP/M was the most common real OS, but lets not forget about
> 6800/6809 machines running FLEX or OS/9.

Can I just put a word in for LDOS (for TRS-80) - one of the better
8-bit operating systems. I really missed some of it's capabilies
when I moved to MSDOS (V. 2-point-something), particularly the
device independence and easy driver and filter installation.

Stan Barr
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