Several Apollo computers for free - Raleigh, NC

From: Charles Dee Rice <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 11:07:04 2001

My mail to this list keeps bouncing, but I'm still getting the digests.
I haven't seen my message in a digest, so I'm assuming no one else saw
it either. So, here we go (again) -- sorry if everyone gets this three

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I've been following this list for some time; however, recent family
emergencies have required me to give up most of my hobbies for some time,
and likely in the future. I'm also having to move rather quickly across
the state and sell my home in Raleigh; I'm selling and giving away a number
of things that I just don't see myself having time to deal with in the near

Among them are several Apollo computers, and stack of misc. hardware (token
ring parts and cables, misc. video and i/o cables, etc). and a very large
stack of documentation.

There are free (unless you feel compelled to make a donation to the feed-
a-Chuck fund). :)

>From my notes (I do NOT absolutely guarantee this is accurate):

- 3500 with:
  - 170MB HD
  - SMS/Omti controller
  - mono video card
  - 19" mono monitor
  - 32MB RAM
  - 3COM 3C505
  - DomainOS 10.4.1
  - 5 1/4" disk drive
- 3000 (unknown contents)
- 3500 (unknown contents)
- 2500 (unknown contents)
- Another CPU (maybe a 4000?) with color card and monitor; I don't have
  all the specs with me, but it was fully functional when I last shut it
- Apollo token ring
- Isolan multiplex repeater
- Lots of misc. parts (cables, keyboards, etc.)
- Lots and lots of books; some still in original shrink-wrap

**I WILL NOT SHIP THESE ITEMS.** Sorry; they're just too heavy and bulky
for me to package and ship; I just have too much else going on right now.
With everything going on, I STRONGLY prefer someone take everything. I will
not be able to take the time to go through any of this and pick out parts
that people want.

I am in Garner, NC (just south of Raleigh). I can provide exact location
and directions upon request.

I am usually only in town on Thursdays and Fridays. Please email me if
you are interested and we can work out the details.

Please help me find a home for these guys; if I don't find a taker pretty
soon, they'll have to go to the recyclers.

- Chuck

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