ABS type glue / was ASR-33

From: Craig Smith <ip500_at_home.com>
Date: Mon Dec 10 14:40:54 2001

        Check out a sporting goods store that sells whitewater canoes. Most are
made from ABS of some sort [Royalite, Royaltex, Oltenar] all come from
basic ABS sandwich stock. They should have a really tough glue for
mounting tie points and thigh harness to the bottom of the interior. IN
my experience .. NOTHING else will bond to the ABS.

Tothwolf wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Bill Sudbrink wrote:
> > Anyway, the metal on both machines seems to be in good shape, but the
> > plastic leaves something to be desired. The ASR is mostly just dirty,
> > but there is a crack at the left rear screw position. The KSR is
> > cleaner as it was used less, but it was stored improperly in a box and
> > dropped or something and the plastic upper case (the gray case, not
> > the white/yellow cover over the carriage) is broken into several
> > pieces. So does anybody have recommendations as to glue or other
> > solutions? Is someone sitting on a big stock of spare upper shells?
> Use a glue specially for ABS plastic. Most so-called plastic and model
> glues are for polystyrene and won't bond ABS since they are not strong
> enough. Let me know what you find, since I'm also looking for glue to use
> on tons of broken ABS cases. I've been told that there is a glue made for
> an ABS type of drain pipe. PVC glue won't work either, it tends to damage
> ABS plastics.
> -Toth
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