Question about older keyboards.

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 23:50:45 2001

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Ernest wrote:

> I have an old keyboard with those soldered on keycap assemblies. One of the
> key mechanisms broke off and now I'm receiving random characters on the

It is not altogether clear to me whether the entire key mechanism is
missing (broken off or unsoldered from the board) or whether it is only
the key cap. If the latter, there is a good chance that the key cap
acted as a retainer for the retract spring that keeps the switch from
closing with out finger pressure. If this is the case, you might use a
straight pin or equivalent to make sure that the plunger part of the
mechanism is help in the retracted position. Then power up, and note
the results.

If it is the `totally gone' problem, I'd harken to Tony's remarks!

                                                 - don

> screen. The missing key is the #3 key. Could the fact that this mechanism is
> missing cause this kind of problem, or would the computer see that missing
> key as un-pressed but otherwise no problem. Some other part of the keyboard
> my be broken but I'm trying to narrow down where to begin trouble shooting.
> When I turn the computer on, it sort of runs amuck as though I were pressing
> a bunch of random keys but then quiets down after start up but refuses to
> let me type anything. Plus, on the screen are 10 to 20 mixed letters and
> numbers on the line were I am supposed to enter a command -load, save, run,
> etc.
> E.
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