Smoking around computers and cats, what about...

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Tue Dec 11 14:40:00 2001

I have an old chest freezer in the garage (away from the house) that ALL
machines get to sit inside of overnight when they're dropped off, including
VCR's, computers, printers (except the inkjet types of course) etc and
if/when I do a microwave they are opened quickly with a shopvac (with a
throwaway bag inside) running to suck any up and put them where they belong.
I bombed my storage trailer when I picked up literally hundreds of various
machines, a week after I loaded them all in there and man talk about dead
mice and roaches all over! I would have liked to see a few cats too
(kidding) but it did the job, combined with the extreme winter they spent
the rest of that year before I could start getting them pulled in a few at a

Of course monitors, pcs, etc have to sit in the warm shop an hour or two
before apply power - hell on fuses when 25kv arcs across a monitor CRT
that's sweating.

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-> ROACHES! Two of the people I service computers bring me systems
-> that tend to be roach-laden. My wife forces me to leave the boxes outside
-> overnight before bringing them in for repair.
-> Nothing like roach crap, carcuses in cobwebs and the occasional live
-> critter running in and around the power supply. I litterly have to spray
-> them
-> out with air, and them clean out the insides. Roach-infested computers
-> cost more to fix! ;)
-> Eric
-> Jeff Hellige wrote:
-> > > > Speaking of which, ever open a machine formerly owned by a
-> > >> dog/cat owner?
-> > >
-> > >I have. Being a cat owner, I find that I need to clean my systems of
-> > >cat-hair on a regular basis.
-> >
-> > I've had the displeasure of working on machines used by
-> > someone with quite a large number of cats. As if all the cat hair in
-> > the carpet wasn't bad enough while crawling down to hook/unhook
-> > cables, the hair was also throughout everything from the keyboard and
-> > mouse to the CPU. Not just a few strands, but quite a lot of it.
-> > Quite nasty...
-> >
-> > Jeff
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