Smoking around computers and cats, what about...

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 00:08:34 2001

--- Russ Blakeman <> wrote:
> I have an old chest freezer in the garage (away from the house) that ALL
> machines get to sit inside of overnight when they're dropped off...
> ...combined with the extreme winter

Wow... I guess I've been lucky. Nothing has ever crawled out of a
machine I just got.

> Of course monitors, pcs, etc have to sit in the warm shop an hour or two
> before apply power - hell on fuses when 25kv arcs across a monitor CRT
> that's sweating.

Not only that, but it's harmful to apply power to cold-soaked devices.
If you read the full specs, stuff with ICs tends to say that you can
store it at -40C/F, but not to expose it to more than a 2 deg/hr temp
rise. I did just that when I picked up a computer that had been sitting
for the entire winter in an unheated building at Williams Field,
Antarctica. We kept the heat off in the truck, brought the computer to
the science lab and warmed it over a two day period from -40F to +50F
before letting it sit in the room for a while. Three days after the
initial rescue, we powered it on and all was well. Paranoid perhaps,
but it didn't hurt to be that paranoid. It's not like I was sitting there
manually tweaking the temperature (we used a thermal chamber).

All this for a Compaq 386sx box. :-P


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