What's with this Lisa?

From: Chandra Bajpai <cbajpai_at_mediaone.net>
Date: Wed Dec 12 21:55:19 2001

I've exchanged emails with Adam...he is quite knowledgeable about Lisas,
I think he has 5+ Lisas, so I have to believe that he knows what he is
talking about. He even helped to get mine up and running. I'm just
surprised that he would part with such a machine (if it's that rare).


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Please see this item and read the description:


I have a similar machine which I would call identical except for the
green-screen. All the "prototype" markings that the auction makes
mention of I have seen seen on my Lisa, as well as the only other one
I've seen. I believe these markings to be common, and that the screen
was a replacement job by a 3rd party. Is this guy misinformed or am I?

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