What's with this Lisa?

From: Louis Schulman <louiss_at_gate.net>
Date: Wed Dec 12 22:08:53 2001

On 12 Dec 2001 22:07:57 -0500, Jeffrey H. Ingber wrote:

#I have a similar machine which I would call identical except for the
#green-screen. All the "prototype" markings that the auction makes
#mention of I have seen seen on my Lisa, as well as the only other one
#I've seen. I believe these markings to be common, and that the screen
#was a replacement job by a 3rd party. Is this guy misinformed or am I?

Well, notice the guy really doesn't claim anything about the machine's history. As far as the Widget peculiarities are concerned, the piggy-back Z8 processor and
other features were found on early Widgets. I have several. I think "prototype" did get stamped on a lot things that were sold commercially, since I have that stamp
on various Apple equipment as well. The green screen may well be a replacement.

Some time ago, someone claimed to be selling an original "rare" disk III for an Apple III in a Disk II case. Such things did exist (I have one), but the one being
auctioned was clearly a hack (wrong labels).

The problem with these eBay claims is the person making them has no real idea about the history of the item, so he just makes up something that seems plausible to
him. Without documentation, these claims aren't really worth anything, IMHO.

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