Way OT: Just say no to squirrels & Pascal question

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Fri Dec 14 14:40:38 2001

Chi-Chi's out here does the ice cream too and the coating they put on it
combined with super frozen icecream allows a short dip in very hot fat. They
sell Mozzarella sticks too that are frozen cheese with a crumbly coating
that when cooked the coating gets hot and the cheese just gets soft. I'm
sure the bacon insulates a frozen block of butter the same way but (as
everyone else remarked) it really sounds yukky. I think I'll stick to my
fried and baked rodents instead and use the butter to fry them in and the
bacon to flavor them.

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-> >Somebody did. Butter can't be deep fried.
-> That's what I thought about ice cream... but El Torito's (sp?) used to
-> sell Deep Fried Ice Cream, it was basically chocolate chip ice cream,
-> rolled in what seemed to be corn flakes crumbs, and deep fried.
-> It has to
-> be done fast, so the breading fries, but the ice cream doesn't get too
-> melty.
-> I would think butter (in particular a POUND of butter) that was wrapped
-> in bacon AND breaded, could probably hold out long enough for the
-> breading to fry. If the butter was started as very cold, or even
-> slightly
-> frozen, it could probably stay in long enough for the bacon to
-> get pretty
-> well cooked. However, the whole thing sounds pretty sick to me, so I am
-> not apt to try it.
-> -c
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