Color Coding, A/C (Mains) Leads, USA ONLY, Redux

From: Robert Schaefer <>
Date: Fri Dec 14 19:25:26 2001

> On AC devices that I've worked with, N is neutral (white), L is line
> (black), G is ground (green).
> I don't know why you've got the opposed blades. In the US we use type A (2
> pring in parallel) and B (two parallels with a round ground prong) and
> places in Euro they use the two round pronged C type. Ive seen the opposed
> blade type but I think it's 220 for air conditioners, I may halucenating
> from all the dust I just got into inside an old PS/2 I'm digging out of
> storage. It might alos be made for 400hz power, who knows.

Two parallel blades is 120V 15A. One perpendicular to the other is
(usually!) 120V 20A, but it could be a 250V plug, too. The 120V 20A plug
can be adjusted to fit a 15A recep by the judicious(sp?) application of a
pair of pliers... No, I've never done such a dangerous thing! -_^ Just
remember, too close to the body of the plug and it'll shear off, too far out
and it won't insert fully into the plug.

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