Color Coding, A/C (Mains) Leads, USA ONLY, Redux

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Dec 14 16:37:58 2001

On AC devices that I've worked with, N is neutral (white), L is line
(black), G is ground (green).
I don't know why you've got the opposed blades. In the US we use type A (2
pring in parallel) and B (two parallels with a round ground prong) and many
places in Euro they use the two round pronged C type. Ive seen the opposed
blade type but I think it's 220 for air conditioners, I may halucenating
from all the dust I just got into inside an old PS/2 I'm digging out of
storage. It might alos be made for 400hz power, who knows.

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-> Hello,
-> This topic was rehashed not too long ago, but rather
-> than read 6 weeks worth of thread on it, let me star it
-> again.
-> I have a PSU, the input leads (part of the EMI filter
-> I think) are labeled L, G, and N. G is I am sure, the
-> ground.
-> Of N and L (beutral and low?), which goes to thewhite
-> wire, and which goes to the black wire?
-> The A/C cord is a 20amp type with the two blades at
-> 90 degrees to each other as in "| -".
-> Thanks,
-> -doug q
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