Ampro Little Board questions...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Dec 16 13:49:26 2001

ISTR that the cut/flip turn out using MotorOn as drive select and a swapping at
least one other pair. Correct me if that's not the case. Using the twisted
cable allowed them (IBM) to order all the configuration done at the drive mfg,
which is fine for them, but it is, otherwise a stupid, Stupid, STUPID thing to
do. Allison's notion of cutting off the cable after the first connector would
work, except that my Little Boards use a PCB edge connector socket rather than
an IDC pin-field socket at the controller end.


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> At 08:36 PM 12/15/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >A PC floppy cable certainly wouldn't work with the Little Boards I have,
> >they use the standard floppy disk cable, which has no twists or cuts.
> >
> >Dick
> it should work if both drives were strapped at DS1 (iirc) all the flop does
> is swap the drive select lines around so IBM (and clone makers) didn't have
> to change any jumpers on the drive. I've used twist floppy cables in
> morrow, Kaypro, and a few other CP/M boxen when I was in a hurry to get a
> machine back up and going...
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