My Last Day Of Finds in MN

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 20:18:32 2001

I spent most of today checking out most of my favorite places and found
few goodies to take back to Texas. A lot of it is too new to list here
but at the low prices I could not pass the items up. I picked a April
1985 issue of COMPUTE! with pictures and a article on a Commodore LCD
called a second-generation lap portable with 80 x 16 flip-up display,
32K RAM, internal modem, and eight built-in programs for under $600.
Has anyone every seen one in real life or better yet does anyone own
one? It looks pretty cool in the photo shown in the mag. Some of the
other items are listed below.

1. ICD printer connector cable for Atari 850 new in unopened package
2. Tandy cat#26-1398 6' RS232C cable new unopened package
3. Commodore Model 1351 mouse
4. Several Sega Master System cartridges
5. Compute! March 1985 issue some good stuff in it also.
6. Several mousepads for the collection
7. A RAD robot
8. A nice book called Understanding Computers by Grace Murray Hopper
9. Some Apple and Toshiba technical manuals
10. Tele-games Video Arcade (Sears) with 2- controllers and 2- paddles,
also came with 3 cartridges
11. A NeXT keyboard (pn 2122) and mouse (pn 193), the mouse was a style
I had not seen before.
Well that's all I can list as the others are not classic yet. Keep
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