My Last Day Of Finds in MN

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 20:37:29 2001

> 1985 issue of COMPUTE! with pictures and a article on a Commodore LCD
> called a second-generation lap portable with 80 x 16 flip-up display,
> 32K RAM, internal modem, and eight built-in programs for under $600.
> Has anyone every seen one in real life or better yet does anyone own
> one? It looks pretty cool in the photo shown in the mag. Some of the

If anyone does have one, it would be a prototype...

> 8. A nice book called Understanding Computers by Grace Murray Hopper

Ummm.. That would be *the* Grace Hopper?!

> 10. Tele-games Video Arcade (Sears) with 2- controllers and 2- paddles,
> also came with 3 cartridges

Is this a Sear's branded Atari 2600?


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