Warp Connect V3 (was Re: OS/2)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Mon Dec 17 15:59:30 2001

> disks for the Bonus Pack. OS/2 Warp Connect version 3 (Blue box,
> includes DOS/Windows support) is on CD-ROM, as is the Bonus Pack. It
> does have two diskettes from which to boot the system for
> installation though. Is there a specific disk(s) that you need to
> replace for Warp 3? I also have OS/2 for Windows version 2.1.

Are the updates still available for this anywhere? For some reason, I'm in
the process of building a PP200 up as an OS/2 system and Warp 3 is the
newest version I've got. (OK, ok, I admit, I'm building it to play
"Galactic Civilizations".) Anyway, I'd kind of like to get it updated to
the current patch level or whatever it's called in OS/2 (been way to long
since I switched to the Mac from OS/2).

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