Warp Connect V3 (was Re: OS/2)

From: Louis Schulman <louiss_at_gate.net>
Date: Mon Dec 17 18:07:04 2001

You can patch Warp 3 up to its final Fixpack (40) from IBM's OS/2 support site.

The latest version of OS/2 (which is still supported and updated) is 4.5. It is available only by subscription
from IBM, or it has also been incorporated into a retail version by a third party called ECom Station, which
you can find out about at their website.

Warp 4.5 is much better than any version of Windows. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the level of hardware
or software support, of course.


On Mon, 17 Dec 2001 13:59:30 -0800 (PST), Zane H. Healy wrote:

#> disks for the Bonus Pack. OS/2 Warp Connect version 3 (Blue box,
#> includes DOS/Windows support) is on CD-ROM, as is the Bonus Pack. It
#> does have two diskettes from which to boot the system for
#> installation though. Is there a specific disk(s) that you need to
#> replace for Warp 3? I also have OS/2 for Windows version 2.1.
#Are the updates still available for this anywhere? For some reason, I'm in
#the process of building a PP200 up as an OS/2 system and Warp 3 is the
#newest version I've got. (OK, ok, I admit, I'm building it to play
#"Galactic Civilizations".) Anyway, I'd kind of like to get it updated to
#the current patch level or whatever it's called in OS/2 (been way to long
#since I switched to the Mac from OS/2).
# Zane
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