MITS 2SIO serial chip?

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 18:27:46 2001

From: Ben Franchuk <>

>> that will do 125ns easily. Or you could easily find a d765
>> off an old board or NOS from JDR.
>Do you know of a WD37C65 data sheet on the web?

Check SMC for it.

>> parts and the requisite connections. Of the latter, the fewer the
>> better for both buildability and reliability.
>Hmm what ever happened to sockets and repairable stuff.

I hate sockets and try to avoid them, I've had equipment that
didn't use the machined pin sockets and most all had to be
rebuilt sans sockets at one point or another.

>> package = $1.35. So instead of Xilinx's $4.40 OTP chip we use a 8 pin
>> and the serial EEPROM for a total of $2.29 and get
>A good solution but this is a one-shot project so price is not a major

A lousy one if you have a raft of TTL and few FPGAs. ;)
I have a few of the Lattice and Xilinx tools, older ones and the synario
stuff too. I just dont get all that excited about it. I've designed a
and built it years ago, it out of my system and not worth repeating.
Any cpu I'd do would need software and that means it would likely
be a copy of something... likely something I have.

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