MITS 2SIO serial chip?

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 21:55:28 2001

From: Ben Franchuk <>
>> rebuilt sans sockets at one point or another.
>In this case I plan to use good sockets.
>> A lousy one if you have a raft of TTL and few FPGAs. ;)
>All the TTL is in the FPGA.:)
>Most of the TTL used is simple buffering or decoding.

Ah, don'tcha think I know that? ;) Then again I have enough
loose TTL to make a 24bit stretch PDP-8 with two sets of
spares and a full compliment of IO. I've done my stint as a hardware
designer analog DC to UHF and digital.

>The whole point of the cpu I designed, was because I am not happy
>with 8 bit micro's, RISC machines, or INTEL. Now what I wonder about
>is people that put a 6502 in a FPGA while you still can buy the real
>I also wonder about FPGA's when you can't fit a 6502 in one!

Use a bigger FPGA... Thats why hammers come from small 4oz all
the way to to 10 pounds!

>I can guarantee you don't have a 12/24 bit cpu like mine. ( Not that you
>would want one :) )

Been there done that. Mine was 2901 based Z80 clone with hybrid uCode
wide bus and extented instruction set... Still didnt run any thing useful
on it, too big, too hot and far to weird. It was a good learning tool
depite all that.

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