Hardest to Find Classic Computers

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Date: Tue Dec 18 03:47:18 2001

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> > The Digital Group systems get my vote. I've only *heard* of about 3,
> > since being on this list, which is a while. Maybe because no-one is
> > looking? I can't even imagine finding a full-up system, with several
> > CPU boards, Phi-deck tape drives, and matching cabinets for the
> > monitor, system unit, and tape drives, not to mention all
> the OS's and
> > other software... well, maybe I can imagine it...
> Yep, I'd agree here too. I have one complete system, and
> aside from that,
> the only other one I've ever seen was a kit sold at VCF 2.0 (or was it
> 3.0)?

Dammit - I was offered a Digital Group machine earlier this year and the
only thing that stopped me was the horrendous shipping cost from the US.
This thing had the (in)famous tape unit attached that contained either 4 or
6 drives; can't remember. I've still got the pix of it somewhere, and it
also spurred me on to do some digging with the result of finding Gus
Calabrese who was the founder (or one of them) of TDG in the first

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