MITS 2SIO serial chip?

From: Allison <>
Date: Tue Dec 18 07:52:54 2001

From: Richard Erlacher <>

>Yup! That's already been pointed out ... I made the choice to use the
>MFM-capable part back in '78 and never looked back. I let someone else
tell me
>why, but I never regretted it. The process with the Western part is
>the same, though there was something critical that the NEC part didn't do.
>Maybe it had to do with altering the gap lengths in order to accomodate an
>sector, or some such. Of course, possible or not, I never ended up doing

Gaps are programmable too. There are two things the 765 will not do:
wacky formats like using deleted address mark for address mark {you can post
format with deleted data} and it was not designed to pump out all the raw
bits/splices/marks from the media.

Things it did do that the WD never had: Multiple seeks or recals, timing
for the
stepper, head load delay, head settle delay.

The biggest difference: register based programming vs command packet to a

I've used both and someplaces one or the other is better. On the whole the
parts always seemed to be first generation. The upside for the 765 based
the very highly integrated super chips like the 36c766 and later.

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