Kwanzaa... [was: Troll got me (was: Is there no end)]

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Tue Dec 18 10:03:10 2001

! ... whitey's holiday, and crackers are the enemy (their
! terms, not mine... I get "whitey"... I get "white bread"... but
! cracker?!? I would ask when visiting my inlaws... but I would
! just get my ass kicked, or worse, shot).

Chris - Now, I'm a honkey (now what's the origin of that?) just like you...
(like you couldn't tell by the name! :-)
I think the term "cracker" is because, ISTR, crackers and bread made
basically the same, except crackers don't have any yeast. Both light

! As to the REAL reason for Kwanzaa, I have no idea, but I do
! know, around here it is entirely a racial thing, and the
! only people that really seem to take it seriously are the
! inner city high crime area Afican-Americans... which
! unfortuantly gives the whole thing a bad notion up here. Its
! a shame really, as I am sure there was a real reason for it,
! but like many other things, it has been badly perverted by a
! very very select group of people who decided to use it for
! their own agenda.

What's that cliche saying? "One bad apple to spoil..."

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