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Date: Tue Dec 18 11:08:23 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, John Allain wrote:
> Maybe its a good time to spring this one.
> I had heard that core stringing was so demanding
> that one company offered full retirement benefits for
> people who hung in there for x=?=6 years or so.

And I have heard that they did most of it in third world countries, so
that they would NOT have to supply benefits, such as health care, and
could abandon workers when they could no longer perform. When they
discontinued operations, do you suppose that they made provision for
current workers, such as relocation to active operations, retraining,
Are we talking about the same compan(y|ies)?

And what percentage SURVIVED x=?=6 years? That work had a MAJOR toll on
eyesight, mild RTS, etc.
Analogy: The US promised US citizenship to Philipino soldiers. They
stalled more than 50 years until the majority had died of old age, but
then granted it. Did the US keep its promise?
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