Need an SCO System V Xenix boot/recovery disk

From: James Willing <>
Date: Tue Dec 18 16:07:57 2001

So... down a path I've not gone in a while.

Just got a system for my business (it's classic too, I'll ramble on that
later) and part of it is a Wyse 386 box running SCO System V Xenix.
That's the good part...

Now, the bad... while cleaning it up (about 6 lbs of dust in the box) and
getting ready to image off the hard drive (backups are always a good
thing, no?), either I fumble fingered something or my drive test/backup
program was having a 'bad hair day', cause it nuked the boot record on the
drive! (AARGH!)

'Course... just to add insult to injury, it then went happily ahead and
ran off the image of the hard drive just like I wanted in the first place,
minus a valid boot record of course. B^{

So... would anyone perhaps have an appropriate boot disk on a 3.5HD
floppy that I could get, and any convienient hints on how to regenerate
the boot for this thing?

Many thanks;
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