Speaking of PS/2s...

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Tue Dec 18 21:30:28 2001

Hi, all.
 I had sort of gotten the impression that PCs don't count on this list.
 I have a 5870-121 that I snarked recently, with 4 megs of RAM and a
120M ESDI drive. I'm wondering what I want to put on it as OS. I have
plenty of Linux/NetBSD critters. I was thinking OS/2, but I threw v3.0
Warp on Saturday night, but it's slow as dirt with 4 megs. Oh, yeah. It
had the original reference disk in the floppy drive. I think that's
really why I bought it.
 I also have a Model 25 386dx/16 which is one of my favorites. It had
a token-ring ISA adapter, as well as an 8-bit ethernet adapter I can't
ID, no hard-drive, and was set up to netboot. I finally found the J-leg
387 for it, stuck in a 500m drive with EZ-drive, and run PC-DOS &
Lemmings, mostly.
 Main questions are, how uncommon are they (I know how cool they are),
is either one worth anything, and is there a contemporary Unix that'll
run on the model 70? Um, that's actually available I mean. All I need is
another Ultrix quest.
 Corollary questions: I mentioned earlier that I've found PS/2 adapters
in 7012 series RS/6ks. I still have 'em. The 8514/A with the 512k
daughterboard is recognized in the model 70 by the reference utility,
but Warp pukes on it, and insists on 640x480x16 VGA settings. Did I miss
something? Do I need to "copy the options disk" even though Setup
already sees it?
 And, I have the Orchid board with the oddball video output. Are
there cables for that? Will it drive a standard multi-sync display? Is
it worth messing with?
 It's so nice to have real brains to pick.

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