Speaking of PS/2s...

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Wed Dec 19 02:25:34 2001

 Well it is heavily over-weighted by mini users but the postings go in swings
from pdp and vax to Apple 2s and Amigas. Not to mention O.T. food
preferences and military affairs. There are some PS2 MCA enthusiasts on
the list, Superdave, and Russ Blake come to mind. I have numerous ones
myself, including an 8570. I can't figure what the Model 25 you have is since
I was under the impression that was an 8086 machine except for one model
that had a 286 running at 10mhz.
 You can bring the 70 up to 16 megs and possibly more with a mem card.
To me it was one of my favorite PS2 models. As to Warp choking on anything
higher than 640x480 I seem to remember that was the on-board video limit of
the 70. Possibly the onboard is not disabled.
 You can run Linux from it and ISTR that 1 or 2 of the BSDs have been
ported to MCA. The comp.sys.ibm.ps2.hardware newsgroup is an excellent
mca resource and it's a very friendly group. ISTR mention of the Orchard
board but someone there much more capable than I would be sure to have
 Get back to me off-list after I've time to see if I might have an extra mem
card. Unpopulated tho. You'd need true parity chips.
At the moment all my IBM stuff except an 8590 XP are packed away still
from my recent(relatively) move. I've got a workstation area in my dining room,
another in my upstairs bedroom with workspace, Apples in my guest b-r, an
8bit room(mostly Commodore. Atari and CoCo), all with shelving, and a
glassed-in upstairs porch with 5 18"x4'x5' shelving containing monitors and
all-in-ones, stacked IBMs, other machines and peripherals using the
remaining space and I still can't find anything.
 How in hell I was able to cram all of it (as well as the clones I abandoned
when I moved) into a 1 b-r apartment is beyond me. Common to all collectors
is the wail of "not enough space". Possibly Sellam and John Keyes solution
of renting a warehouse(s) is the only way. But that would just encourage you
to up the ante. " Oh I've got lots of room now"
  Mamas. Don't let your babies grow up to be co(mputer collectors) !!


> Hi, all.
> I had sort of gotten the impression that PCs don't count on this list.
> I have a 5870-121 that I snarked recently, with 4 megs of RAM and a
> 120M ESDI drive. I'm wondering what I want to put on it as OS. I have
> plenty of Linux/NetBSD critters. I was thinking OS/2, but I threw v3.0
> Warp on Saturday night, but it's slow as dirt with 4 megs. Oh, yeah. It
> had the original reference disk in the floppy drive. I think that's
> really why I bought it.
> I also have a Model 25 386dx/16 which is one of my favorites. It had
> a token-ring ISA adapter, as well as an 8-bit ethernet adapter I can't
> ID, no hard-drive, and was set up to netboot. I finally found the J-leg
> 387 for it, stuck in a 500m drive with EZ-drive, and run PC-DOS &
> Lemmings, mostly.
> Main questions are, how uncommon are they (I know how cool they are),
> is either one worth anything, and is there a contemporary Unix that'll
> run on the model 70? Um, that's actually available I mean. All I need is
> another Ultrix quest.
> Corollary questions: I mentioned earlier that I've found PS/2 adapters
> in 7012 series RS/6ks. I still have 'em. The 8514/A with the 512k
> daughterboard is recognized in the model 70 by the reference utility,
> but Warp pukes on it, and insists on 640x480x16 VGA settings. Did I miss
> something? Do I need to "copy the options disk" even though Setup
> already sees it?
> And, I have the Orchid board with the oddball video output. Are
> there cables for that? Will it drive a standard multi-sync display? Is
> it worth messing with?
> It's so nice to have real brains to pick.
> Doc

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