Speaking of PS/2s...

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Date: Wed Dec 19 07:53:36 2001

You speak the truth, as I got the warehouses I started buying more
thinking I had lots of room. I forgot to leave space to be able to work
on items plus be able to get to the many books I have.
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> Well it is heavily over-weighted by mini users but the postings go in
> from pdp and vax to Apple 2s and Amigas. Not to mention O.T. food
> preferences and military affairs. There are some PS2 MCA enthusiasts
> the list, Superdave, and Russ Blake come to mind. I have numerous ones
> myself, including an 8570. I can't figure what the Model 25 you have
is since
> I was under the impression that was an 8086 machine except for one
> that had a 286 running at 10mhz.
> You can bring the 70 up to 16 megs and possibly more with a mem card.
> To me it was one of my favorite PS2 models. As to Warp choking on
> higher than 640x480 I seem to remember that was the on-board video
limit of
> the 70. Possibly the onboard is not disabled.
> You can run Linux from it and ISTR that 1 or 2 of the BSDs have been
> ported to MCA. The comp.sys.ibm.ps2.hardware newsgroup is an excellent
> mca resource and it's a very friendly group. ISTR mention of the
> board but someone there much more capable than I would be sure to have
> answers.
> Get back to me off-list after I've time to see if I might have an
extra mem
> card. Unpopulated tho. You'd need true parity chips.
> At the moment all my IBM stuff except an 8590 XP are packed away still
> from my recent(relatively) move. I've got a workstation area in my
dining room,
> another in my upstairs bedroom with workspace, Apples in my guest b-r,
> 8bit room(mostly Commodore. Atari and CoCo), all with shelving, and a
> glassed-in upstairs porch with 5 18"x4'x5' shelving containing
monitors and
> all-in-ones, stacked IBMs, other machines and peripherals using the
> remaining space and I still can't find anything.
> How in hell I was able to cram all of it (as well as the clones I
> when I moved) into a 1 b-r apartment is beyond me. Common to all
> is the wail of "not enough space". Possibly Sellam and John Keyes
> of renting a warehouse(s) is the only way. But that would just
encourage you
> to up the ante. " Oh I've got lots of room now"
> Mamas. Don't let your babies grow up to be co(mputer collectors) !!
> Lawrence
> > Hi, all.
> > I had sort of gotten the impression that PCs don't count on this
> > I have a 5870-121 that I snarked recently, with 4 megs of RAM and
> > 120M ESDI drive. I'm wondering what I want to put on it as OS. I
> > plenty of Linux/NetBSD critters. I was thinking OS/2, but I threw
> > Warp on Saturday night, but it's slow as dirt with 4 megs. Oh, yeah.
> > had the original reference disk in the floppy drive. I think that's
> > really why I bought it.
> > I also have a Model 25 386dx/16 which is one of my favorites. It
> > a token-ring ISA adapter, as well as an 8-bit ethernet adapter I
> > ID, no hard-drive, and was set up to netboot. I finally found the
> > 387 for it, stuck in a 500m drive with EZ-drive, and run PC-DOS &
> > Lemmings, mostly.
> > Main questions are, how uncommon are they (I know how cool they
> > is either one worth anything, and is there a contemporary Unix
> > run on the model 70? Um, that's actually available I mean. All I
need is
> > another Ultrix quest.
> > Corollary questions: I mentioned earlier that I've found PS/2
> > in 7012 series RS/6ks. I still have 'em. The 8514/A with the 512k
> > daughterboard is recognized in the model 70 by the reference
> > but Warp pukes on it, and insists on 640x480x16 VGA settings. Did I
> > something? Do I need to "copy the options disk" even though Setup
> > already sees it?
> > And, I have the Orchid board with the oddball video output. Are
> > there cables for that? Will it drive a standard multi-sync display?
> > it worth messing with?
> > It's so nice to have real brains to pick.
> >
> > Doc
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